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WorldWord is the website for the World Alliance of Word Affiliates. It's vision  is quite simply to spread the word throughout the World. 

Our Mission

 The mission of the World Alliance of Word Affiliates  seeks:  

  • To  broaden the horizons of the market for both Spoken and Written Word by  creating new opportunities and projects benefiting both writers and  audiences. 
  • To  unite a community of wordists in which individual & collaborative  efforts  of artistic expression can be furthered through increased  public awareness and support. 
  • To recruit an inclusive & informed membership in the World community consisting of wordists and their supporters.
  • To found an organization of wordists who are committed to the creation of   artistic projects of substance & excellence within the group, while still fostering   & supporting the individual endeavor.
  •  To form a collective of effort, while preserving artistic autonomy & diversity. 
  • To be respectful of all work, and to sponsor professionalism and courtesy between practitioners of all forms of literary expression. 
  • To encourage all participants to leap boldly into new forms of creative  expression  & promote the exploration of diversity & connectiveness of individual perceptions.   

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